Things that Motivate Iran to Support Militant Groups

21 Mar

From previous reports, it is indicated that Iran is one of the states that has remained consistent in the sponsoring of terrorism and this is through support that comes in the form of training, finances and war equipment to various terrorist groups around the world. The other states that promote terrorism activities are Syria and Sudan which is in Africa. The support that Iran shows for terrorist groups is not recent, but they started it a long time ago. This is the country that continues to influence terrorist activities in the Middle East, and this is done so that they can show and prove their influence.

There are certain things that motivate Iran to continue providing support to terrorist groups. One of the major factors for using terrorism is so that they can promote their ideology which is for the whole to be Islamic and support for Islam activities. Iran has over time made more enemies than friends, and they, therefore, use the terrorist idea to advance their motives and also to undermine their perennial opponents or rivals. Iran also uses their negative activities to intimidate their neighbors and those states that are located in the Gulf. Click here to to learn more about FDD.

There are ongoing disputes between Palestine and Israeli, and Iran wants to position itself as a major player in the wrangles. This country also disrupts peace pacts that might sideline them but instead benefit Israel. Iran also discourages their enemies such as the United Kingdom or the United States that will use force against it. There are countries that Iran has supported in all forms so that they can forge vengeance attacks on those countries that have shown support for their enemies, killed its point operatives or has taken part in hosting its nonconformists. Iran is surrounded by hostile neighbors while it has a weak state.

As a result, it maintains close ties with terrorist groups for emergencies, and that strengthens their dependency reliant on the ever-changing situations. There are many people who have continued to analyze the Iran situation, and some of them are renowned proponents of sanctions against countries that do not promote or violate the foreign policy. One of these people is Mark Dubowitz, and he is the one who came up with sanctions that need to be used in Iran. The linkages that Iran has with terrorist and militant groups is a way to hide the weaknesses that they have. Some of the actions that Iran sponsors it keeps on denying. View Mark Dubowitz in the news here.

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