Iran Terrorism Support

21 Mar

Terrorism is a horrible thing that robs people of peace. The world is grappling with major losses because of it and as a result of it as well. The international community has been fighting this vice for the longest time. Winning this battle seems to be an elusive feat because terror groups have a lot of backing from some states.

Iran is one of the countries that has been found to be backing terrorism. It trains, funds, gives refuge and even provides weapons and equipment to the terror groups. This in turn empowers the militant terror groups giving them that much power to rob people of peace. The terrorism acts seem to be getting out of hand each and every time and this can only be linked to how much help they keep getting from countries like Iran.

One terror group that is a project of Iran is a Lebanese group that is known to be the best in the world. Iran has a big role to play in the growth of this militant group because it has supported the group since it was created. This militant group that is said to be a close friend of Iran receives both arms and money from Iran. A lot of money and arms goes to funding this militant group and in return, the group helps Iran in its battles like the one in Syria. View the Politico profile of Mark Dubowitz here.

There are very many militant groups that are enjoying support from Iran about 100,000 groups. Syria is one country known to be an ally of Iran and therefore enjoy their support both in terms of money and weaponry. Iran takes this relationship very seriously.

There are certain things that cause people to act either in a positive manner or negative manner depending on the kind of drive an individual or entity has. For this reason, trying to grasp why and how Iran supports terrorism, it is important to look at what motivates them to start such evil undertakings. Iran is known to be the world leader in supporting terrorism that denies civilians of their rights and access to peace, love and resources that make their lives easier and comfortable. Visit Linkedin profile here.

Iran has been fighting its enemies in the Middle East and it is all in the name of political recognition. There are neighbors to Iran and it uses terrorism to silence them as well as defeat them. It is believed that Iran uses acts of terrorism as strength to show how powerful they are.

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