Crucial Information About Iran's Support for Terror

21 Mar

Iran as a country has over time played a significant role in sponsoring terrorism in the world. The leaders of Iran have over the years had links with a wide range of terrorist groups, and they do so with the belief that it is an important instrument of power. Disturbing enough, the support of Iran for terrorism and other violent activities have over the recent past increased, and there are various factors to explain this scenario. These activities are sponsored by a combination of opportunism and fear. Iran has also found leverage in what is termed as making of a nuclear weapon which is deadly when used during a war.

There is a perception that Iran will get the protection it needs when it states that it is after using nuclear weapons and that makes it more aggressive. Iran would use its military base or through other terrorist groups to release its anger and carry out revenge attacks, and this is some of the things that make it more aggressive. Under the existing structures, Iran remains unlikely to release any forms of terrorism to other countries by using attacks that are involving a biological, nuclear or chemical weapon.

All the powers which include Russia, China, United Kingdom, China, United States and France need to work together so that they can increase their intelligence mechanism and frustrate Iran and its terrorism motives. There also needs to be a comprehensive campaign which is against these terrorist groups that are supported by Iran. You need to note that there are different ways which these terrorist groups are sponsored to advance with their activities and this includes training of their troops, financial support and arms support as well. With such backing, a terrorist group manages to carry out their task with ease. There are many instances when Iran has dissociated itself from some of these attacks, but they are the main sponsors of these terrorist groups. Read more about Mark Dubowitz CEO of FDD here.    

Some of the powers are already imposing sanctions on Iran, and this is done, so that pressure them to stop their nuclear program. It is important for additional pressure to be mounted on this country together with the help of other partners so that there are better results. Through the sponsorship of various terrorist groups, Iran has asserted itself in the Middle East region, and it has also managed to link with neighboring countries in accomplishing their goals. The powers also need to adjust their policy so that they can tackle the changing terrorist groups. Watch Mark Dubowitz CEO of FDD news here.

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